There are general rules for a good healthy diet. Traditional cultures and medicines as well as newest research in nutritional sciences and functional medicine give us valuable information for a healthy diet and diets tuned to correct certain health imbalances.

They also recognize that diet has to adapted to each person as it is dependent on ancestry (such as origin, family ancestry, blood type), lifestyle, body type - including metabolic type, hormonal imbalances, psychological - including mental emotional profile as well as very individual life circumstances. The individualization of a person's diet has already been acknowledged in Ayurvedic medicine, in one of the world's oldest system of healing and health rebalancing.
Diet also depends on your personal goals and limitations like weight loss, energy, bone health, prevention of diseases and so on.

In an individual consultation we can analyze your current diet and develop a nutrition plan to come closer to the needs of your body and mind as a whole as well as to your personal goals.
For a period we can also determine targeted nutritional supplements to support nutrient deficiencies that may have built up due to improper diet, lifestyle and -stressors.


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